Skin care consultation

Taking a close look at your skin is the first step in improving the health of your skin. Our dermatologic approach includes an in-depth personal skin consultation. We analyze your skin concerns using our advanced 3D skin analysis system with imaging capability that allows us to visualize several layers of the epidermis for a more precise analysis to ensure a better treatment outcome. You receive dermatologist-inspired product recommendations and personalized insights into your unique skin. At Coastal Valley Dermatology, a complete treatment program is formulated based on accurate documentation of your skin analysis.

Our consultations are an excellent way to learn about the services we offer and how they can be applies to help you reach your personal image goals as well as ultimate skin health. First, we will take a complete history and discuss your expectations. Your skin will be analyzed using our advanced Image Pro II which digitally maps your skin, highlighting various areas of concern. We pair appropriate treatments and products for you to choose from, creating a treatment plan which is reviewed by Dr. Javid prior to your first treatment. Whether your needs are of a cosmetic nature or medical, each and every patient at Coastal Valley Dermatology is cared for as an individual.