ethnic skin

Medical treatment for your skin should be tailored to certain factors, including your ethnicity. Skin of color, including African-American, Hispanic and Asian skin, requires special care and attention by dermatologists. Without proper care, darker skin can be more prone to pigmentation disturbances. To help provide the best dermatological solutions for darker skin, Dr. Roya Javid is an expert in providing dermatology services for African American and other patients with skin of color.

What makes brown skin different from other shades is larger melanosomes, which contain more of the pigment called melanin. This pigment gives the skin its beautiful dark color. It also provides a layer of protection from sun exposure that slows the aging of the skin and helps protect against skin cancer.

When dark skin suffers trauma such as a cut, then the area around the cut will become darker. This discoloration is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. As dark skin has special needs, it’s important that extra care is given by a dermatologist who has expertise in ethnic skin conditions. Dr. Roya Javid performs many procedures tailored to dark skin, including light and laser procedures, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Your skin is beautiful and requires protection. Our team is prepared to treat a wide variety of conditions that affect you and to educate you about the health of your skin.