Scars occur after traumatic injury to the skin such as burns, a body piercing or laceration. They may occur from diseases such as chickenpox or acne. Scars occur after incisions are made for surgical procedures. Scarring is a normal part of wound healing. In most cases the scars from injuries or surgery procedures will flatten and fade over several months.

But what if these scars do not fade over time but remain prominent and angry? The appearance of even a small scar can be upsetting. At Coastal Valley Dermatology we pay special attention to scars, either new scars from traumatic injury or operations, or old scars from old injuries. If you are unhappy with your scars, Dr. Javid has many treatment options to help improve their appearance.

We use our Sciton™ Laser platform for phototherapy (BBL) and Laser scar removal. Laser scar removal is effective for old hypertrophic scars or atrophic scars. A hypertrophic scar can result from surgery, laceration or burn wound. Stretch marks or acne scars are usually classified as atrophic. The result of laser treatment for these types of scars can be very impressive