Coastal Valley Dermatology Associates, Inc. is the Monterey Peninsula’s premier medical dermatology and skin rejuvenation center, providing outstanding medical care with professionalism and full attention to patient comfort. Here are some of the things that set us apart:

All Procedures Performed by Top Dermatologist. In some dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices physician assistants, nurses, or even medical assistants and aestheticians, operate lasers and other energy devices to administer patient treatments. While this is legal in California, we cannot condone this practice.
Even the best lasers and energy devices are just tools. The results and the risk of complications depend on the skill and training of the person using them. The best results are achieved when the appropriate type and parameters of treatment are selected for each patient and adjusted as necessary throughout the procedure, and this requires the knowledge of the physiology of the skin and the functioning of the devices that comes from specialized medical training in laser devices. Also while complications are rare with today’s devices, they are always a possibility, and an experienced physician is best qualified to recognize and address any adverse effects.
For the safety of our patients and the best results, at Coastal Valley Dermatology all medical procedures are performed personally by Dr. Roya Javid, recognized as a leading dermatologist —not by a nurse, aesthetician, or other “physician extender.” Dr. Javid has many years of experience with the devices she uses.

Exceptional staff. Our medical staff consists of fully certified medical assistants and medical aestheticians trained in dermatology, with extensive knowledge about the procedures they assist in. Each is assigned to a single patient at a time to ensure that all patient questions and concerns are fully addressed.

The latest lasers and treatment technologies. All lasers and devices are not equal, and as big believers in evidence-based medicine, we continuously evaluate new devices and treatment protocols to establish what works. Our well-appointed treatment rooms are equipped with the newest state-of-the-art equipment to address all of our patients concerns.
A relaxed, stylish environment. We are located in beautiful Carmel, California. Our facility is a stylish, comfortable space with guest Wi-Fi services, a coffee bar and our exclusive Skin Bar, featuring customized cocktails for your skin.
We are committed to the best available medical care for our patients, and we have invested in the resources necessary to achieve that.
Coastal Valley Dermatology is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered, high-quality care that is available to patients from children through adulthood. Through efficient use of office staff and medical technology, we are able to offer exceptionally accessible and personal care in a comfortable atmosphere.

  1. Coastal Valley Dermatology values accessibility. We are committed to removing barriers to your physician, your medical care and your personal medical information.
  2. Coastal Valley Dermatology is committed to being a patient-centered practice. Our highest priority in every decision made is what is in the best interest of our patients. Foremost in our goals is the patient understanding that they are the most important component of our practice.
  3. Coastal Valley Dermatology values flexibility. We recognize that medicine and our health care delivery system is always changing. We commit to remaining flexible and non-dogmatic in an effort to remain a modern practice. Through open communication and feedback from staff and patients, we commit to periodic evaluation of the quality of care we give and the patient and staff experience.
  4. Coastal Valley Dermatology commits to empowering staff through a pleasant work atmosphere that encourages professionalism, teamwork and positive attitudes.
  5. Coastal Valley Dermatology values efficiency. We believe a well-run, efficient office leads to an improved patient and staff experience.